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May 2021

Timeshare Lawyer Questions

Questions for your timeshare attorneys? If you hire yourself a timeshare attorney, you should ask the most vital questions that should help with your case. You should ask what is the difference between timeshare resale and timeshare exit our timeshare exit financing? What exit strategies are available to me? How do I know if I should do a timeshare resale or a timeshare exit? What types of ownership agreements are used in timeshares? There are two types of ownership agreements… Read More »Timeshare Lawyer Questions

Timeshare Resale Questions

Is there a resale market for timeshares? Yes, there is a resale market for timeshares but not always. Resale values of timeshares are affected by a variety of factors, including the location of the timeshare, the time of year, the type of timeshare, and the terms of the timeshare contract. Will marriott buy back your timeshare? Timeshare reselling companies like Marriott Resales, Timeshare Exit Team, and Timeshare Buyback Store will buy your timeshare from you. These companies will buy your… Read More »Timeshare Resale Questions

Timeshare Contract Questions

How do you cancel the contract within the cancellation period? The best and easiest way to cancel a timeshare contract is to do it on the given cancellation period by your timeshare company. Generally, you will be given a period of 5-15 days after your purchase to be able to cancel your timeshare contract legally. If you try canceling your contract after the cancellation period has expired, you might have to pay penalties. There are two ways to cancel a… Read More »Timeshare Contract Questions

Timeshare Ownership Questions

What happens to timeshare owners if your timeshare resort is sold or foreclosed on? In the event your timeshare resort is sold or foreclosed on, it’s important to know that you still own your timeshare. You should receive a letter from the resort that notifies you of the change in ownership. Most timeshare resorts purchase a type of insurance that protects the timeshare owners if the resort is sold or foreclosed on. Which types of timeshare ownership is best? Timeshare… Read More »Timeshare Ownership Questions

Timeshare Cancellation Notice Questions

What is a cancellation provision clause? A cancellation provision clause is a part of many legal contracts. It basically allows the other party to get out of the contract if they don’t like the way things are going. The clause usually includes a clause that requires the other party to give a certain amount of notice that they’re canceling the contract. A cancellation provision clause is also a way of protecting your business from the possibility of a client canceling… Read More »Timeshare Cancellation Notice Questions

Timeshare Exit Company Questions

Does the timeshare exit company utilize attorneys in the exit process? Most timeshare exit companies will use an attorney or law firm to obtain the deeds or titles of your timeshare property. Some companies may even be able to help you negotiate directly with the developer or timeshare association for a refund. In order to be successful in your timeshare exit, you’ll need to work with a company that has the resources to help you get out of your timeshare.… Read More »Timeshare Exit Company Questions

Timeshare Agreement Questions

Does a timeshare end when you die? It depends on what type of timeshare you have. If you have a deeded timeshare, then you can pass it along to your heirs so that they can use it when they travel. If you have a timeshare at a resort with a right of survivorship, which means that when one owner dies, the other owner automatically inherits the remaining days, then yes, your timeshare ends when you die. Can lawyers get you… Read More »Timeshare Agreement Questions