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Rescission Period Questions

How long is the timeshare rescission period?

Timeshare rescission periods are designed to allow people to think about whether or not they want to keep the timeshare. Rescission periods are usually 7-14 days long and vary from state to state. In California and Florida, the rescission period is 10 days. In other states, it is anywhere from five to 20 days.

If you just bought a timeshare, can you cancel?

If you’ve recently bought a timeshare, you may be wondering if you can cancel. You can cancel it if you don’t like it, or if you need to deal with a personal emergency or any other reason. The contract you have signed with the timeshare company should have a time period that would allow you to easily cancel your timeshare, a cancellation period. If you purchased a timeshare resale, you may be unable to cancel your contract. Before you buy a timeshare resale, read the contract carefully and ask your timeshare provider if you can cancel the contract if you decide to sell it.

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